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Mega Seenan: I'm absolutely delighted with the instruction I have received from Shaun SGP Driving School. I passed yesterday; Shaun instruction was encouraging, helpful and patient. He gave me so much confidence to be a positive and safe driver. I would recommend Shaun SGP Driving School to anyone who wants to progress with the best instruction. "Thank you!"

Pina Chudasama: Shaun is a very good instructor. He is very calm and patient. I passed first time through his excellent teaching and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Helen Vatidis: Shaun, quite simply, is fantastic. Now that I have passed my test I will miss driving with him very much! Shaun must be one of the most patient driving instructors out there. He will never shout or get angry and is always very calm and reassuring. He is caring and always willing to go the extra mile for his pupils, particularly in my case. Shaun is extremely organised and made an enormous effort to prepare me excellently for my test (where I even asked him to sit in on it). He knows how to correct mistakes efficiently and will make you a safe and conscientious driver. From what I have gained in terms of knowledge and driving experience, I thoroughly recommend Shaun to anyone who wants to become a successful driver! A huge thank-you for everything you have done to help me gain confidence in my driving ability!!

Ed De Sa: I absolutely recommend Shaun as a driving instructor. From the very first lesson Shaun taught and made me do exercises that are expected on your test and this continued with every lesson which gave me confidence and the ability to perform these manoeuvres. Shaun was also extremely accommodating when it came to fitting in my lessons with my work usually going out of his way to fit me in and never minded when I had to cancel at late notice. Shaun also very kindly gave me a free disk to learn for my theory when I couldn't find one as well as going out of his way to get me a copy of "show and tell" questions for my practical test. Shaun has a brilliant way of explaining how to do things which makes it very easy to learn from. On the day leading up to my test he spent extra time helping me with my reverse exercises and giving me the extra confidence to pass first time. Most importantly Shaun is a genuinely nice guy who makes learning to drive an extremely easy and enjoyable experience.

Tola Alakija: Shaun is a GREAT instructor I am sooo happy I had the opportunity to have such a patient and down to earth instructor. I found him very well organised and he allowed me to feel very relaxed and confident when driving by clearly explaining everything you need to know. He was also very accessible by fitting around my schedule as a busy student. All thanks to him I passed my driving test within 4 months at the age of 17! Highly recommended! He's now instructing my sister!

Lubna Ramzan: Shaun has been an excellent instructor. He's very professional and at the same time makes your lessons enjoyable. He's always on time and really makes you gain so much confidence. He is really really patient: I have never met anyone as patient as him and very polite. His instructions are really clear and prepares you really good for your practical test. He's the best instructor I have had - I would recommend him, he's great. I passed my test with him. Thank you Shaun. You're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerzarn Marshall: Shaun is a tremendous instructor; he is very composed, friendly, and supportive and advised me well in driving. His teaching system is impeccable! He was constantly on time to all lessons, with his liveliness which made lessons enjoyable. He is also flexible with lessons. Shaun was accurate in giving me advice in my weak spots of driving and helped me to prosper and achieve a patch up in the weak spots!! I would definitely recommend Shaun to anyone!

Ryan Shreeve: Shaun is a very good driving instructor always remains calm when you make a mistake. Thanks to him I passed my test first time!!! Highly recommended.

Mrs Stacy Gacheru: Shaun is an amazing instructor, he is patient, understanding and committed. When it comes to driving I get so nervous, however Shaun continuously gave me the encouragement in which I needed to grow in confidence and to overcome my fears and insecurities. He treated me like a friend rather than just a student and that allowed me to learn at my own pace and with no added pressure. Initially I had failed my practical twice and felt like giving up but Shaun was committed to ensuring that I passed, as he believed I had acquired the essential skills for driving at a high level. It was his belief in me which enabled me to pass the third time round, and now driving has made my life much easier. As a mother and a wife driving has become an essential part of my life and I couldn't have reached where I am without Shaun.

Jibraeel Khan: "Shaun is a very good instructor indeed. He's very focused, specific and helpful. He picks up weaknesses straight away, and he can get you driving in no time!! I would definitely recommend Shaun to anyone who's looking for a competent, friendly and efficient instructor."

David Sousa: "Shaun is an excellent instructor; he is very calm and friendly. The teaching method he uses is very useful and quickly it made me confident with my driving. He is a really nice guy which was always on time for my lessons and made all the lessons extremely enjoyable. Without his help I wouldn’t have passed my exam and so I thank him a lot for that. I highly recommend him to anyone!"

Adnan Khan: Shaun is the best driving instructor I have had. He knew exactly how to make me drive better and worked hard to strengthen my weaknesses. I was really hesitant when I first started but after two or three lessons with Shaun I felt confident on the road. I would definitely recommend Shaun to anyone!

Danny Mendoza: Learning with Shaun is like learning with your best friend. He let me know what I needed to work on and then helped me overcome it. After just a few weeks of meeting him I had my license. He was very reliable and always all on time, I would definitely recommend him!

Vicram Mudhar: Shaun is an excellent driving instructor and he helped me pass 1st time. He taught me to drive with confidence and safety. Shaun is very friendly and funny and I am going to miss his lessons. Highly recommended!

Victor Williams: Shaun was a very professional instructor, he was reassuring and he demonstrated everything to me which made things easier to understand. He is a really nice guy and very patient, his advice was great and he told me exactly when to book my test for. I have recommended him to my friends and will continue to do so!

Joshua Allen: Shaun is a great instructor, he is very friendly, helpful and advises me well in driving and in life, I see him more as a friend. He helped me pass my test fast. I was previously with another driving school but I was not fully satisfied with them and the prices were too steep. I have already recommended Shaun to all my friends and family. Personally I think the service that was provided was brilliant and great value for money!

Catherine Holme: Shaun is very calm, reassuring and helped me become much more confident about driving. He explains the technical details very well and is very patient. I would definitely recommend him!

Tonya Jarett: I found Shaun really fantastic! He was very patient and understanding, I wish I had gone to Shaun when I first started driving as I’m sure I would have passed a lot sooner. I passed 1st time and would definitely recommend him to anyone that wants to pass their test!

Stephen Fuller: Shaun is without doubt a fantastic driving instructor! He was always very calm, reassuring and had complete faith in my ability to pass my test first time (which I did!). Despite being a Liverpool fan, he is also a top bloke. He is now a good friend of mine, whom I will definitely be keeping in touch with and may even drag to the emirates next season. Lessons with him are focused, yet relaxed and enjoyable; with each lesson I felt that I was steadily progressing towards my test. Not only would I recommend him to my friends, I would insist they give him a call - legend!

Linda Birungi: Shaun was a very friendly instructor. He is very positive and I passed very quickly. Best of all he made me believe in myself and I passed 1st time!

 Kyle Sweeten: Shaun helped me overcome my low confidence in driving very quickly. I found him to be very calm and understanding and explained everything in great detail. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Shaun and would definitely recommend him to anyone! Many thanks.

Aleksandra Hopper: Shaun has been a great instructor, his teaching method is fantastic! He was always on time and all my lessons were very enjoyable. He was always able to fit me in when it was suitable for me even at 7am! I would definitely recommend Shaun to anyone!

Paul Reynolds: Shaun is a very calm and patient driving instructor, he made the lessons enjoyable and they didn’t feel like a chore. It’s a shame I’ve passed now as I won’t get to see Shaun on a weekly basis anymore!

Manuel Paiva: I really enjoyed my lessons with Shaun, he was very patient and a quick teacher. He’s a really nice guy and I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Yaa Ofori-Ansah: Shaun is a really calm and patient instructor. I found him much better than my previous driving school. He was also very truthful and only made me take the lessons I needed to learn how to drive properly. I wish I had started my driving with Shaun from the very beginning. I recently passed my test 1st time and would definitely recommend Shaun to anyone!

Darryl White: I found Shaun to be an excellent instructor. He was always on time for my lessons and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I passed my test very quickly and would recommend him to anyone looking to start driving!

Paul Gussar: I had my first lesson with Shaun in May 2008 and after 2 lessons he was able to make an assessment of when he believed I would be ready for my test. Shaun told me in his opinion I would be ready by the end of July or early August at the latest. I did not think this was possible as it was only two months away! Shaun’s exceptional communication skills combined with the belief he had in me gave me the confidence to pass my test 1st time on 26th July 2008! I would like to thank Shaun for helping me pass my test 1st time!

Sandra Jaramillo: I really enjoyed my lessons with Shaun. He was always on time to my lessons and he was really calm and patient with me. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Samuel Lamptey: I would like to thank Shaun very much for getting me through my test! He is very patient, helpful and makes the lessons enjoyable. I passed my test first time and would recommend him to anyone!

Glen Phelan: Shaun is a very patient and punctual instructor who made lessons interesting whilst being thorough. I would very much recommend his services to anyone.

Tobias Vanrompay: I was recommended to Shaun by a friend and I was very glad that I was. The lessons were very enjoyable and relevant to what I needed to brush up on. I passed first time with Shaun’s help and I would recommend him to anyone!

Afia Akyeampong: I changed from another driving school due to a few differences with my previous driving instructor, so was looking for an instructor who firstly was understanding and patient. It took me three attempts to pass my test until I passed it the fourth time, but each time Shaun gave me the confidence to keep trying. I always enjoyed Shaun’s good sense of humour and could always count on him being punctual to every lesson. He will be missed and I would readily recommend him to anyone. He does you all a great credit!

Paul Kentfield: Shaun is a very pleasant man who made me feel at ease whilst driving, I had 4 lessons and passed my test first time through his confidence and knowledge of driving. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anybody who is looking to pass their test. In my eyes this man should get an award. Thank you very much Shaun!

Atiqur Subhan: Shaun was a great instructor. The lessons were very in depth and suited to me. I passed my test first time and would recommend him to anyone!

Kira Morser: After failing my driving test while I was with a different driving school, I switched to taking lessons with Shaun. The difference was immediate, Shaun has a very calm presence and driving lessons became less stressful. He was a conscientious teacher; he was flexible in scheduling lessons, provided different teaching aids to learn maneuvers and gave me the confidence to pass. I passed the test second time thanks to him. I would recommend him to anyone!

Emily Preddie: Shaun was a great driving instructor! He was very calm and patient and never got angry at me for mistakes I made, unlike my previous instructor at another school. He put me at ease during lessons and made me feel relaxed. I have already recommended Shaun to my friends and family!

Connor Ferncombe: Shaun was a very very good driving instructor. I wouldn’t have been able to pass without his help. I had all my lessons and passed my test within 5 weeks of meeting him! Highly recommended!

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